What kind of cleaning agent is used for car interior cleaning? How to clean the interior of the car?

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Introduction of cleaning agents for car interior cleaning
Interior cleaner Cleaning agent Detergent Abluent is commonly used for car interior cleaning. Since car interiors are basically made of leather, flannel, fabric and other materials, in order to avoid secondary corrosion, foam cleaner can effectively clean interior surface stains and is convenient and quick to use , Just press to spray out the foam, and then wipe it clean with a soft cloth

1. Car seat
Depending on the material of the seat, the cleaning method is also different. For example, a woven seat can be sprayed evenly on the surface with a foam cleaner, then let the foam stand still for 10-15 seconds, and then wipe it with a dry towel back and forth. Foam cleaning agent can also be used for leather seats, but it is best to try it in a relatively hidden place before use to observe whether the leather has faded. If there is, it cannot be used. The leather seats can be wiped with only a damp towel wrung out, and finally leather maintenance is carried out with a leather care agent.
2. Car roof
The cleaned parts inside the car should be covered with a cloth, and then take a brush to remove the dust and dirt on the ceiling surface, and then spray the foam cleaning agent on the surface, wait for 2 minutes, and finally wipe it repeatedly with a cotton cloth.
3. Car mats
The foot pads can generally be disassembled, which makes it easier to clean the interior. To clean the car floor, it is best to prepare a car vacuum cleaner, which can suck off the dust from some parts that are not easy to clean.

Other parts of the car interior can be cleaned with foam cleaner. One thing to note is that if the foam is static for a long time, it will turn into water, so some parts should not be allowed to stay for a long time, and should be wiped with a soft cloth after spraying.
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