The best interior dressing to protect your car's dashboard

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Author : Grace Lee
Update time : 2023-04-04 10:22:44
SRB Dashboard Protection Agent C06
The best interior dressing to protect your car's dashboard
Keep your interior trim and plastics looking like new
Ensure that dashboards are protected against UV-rays and dust
We've put a selection to the test
A car’s interior can take a right battering from the sun, a key reason to invest in the best interior dressing. Housed under what is effectively a glasshouse, summer days will see the average dashboard at the mercy of UV rays. Faded colour is the most obvious sign of UV damage but in extreme examples, the dashboard can eventually crack from UV damage.
A quick misting of a quality interior dressing will have your interior looking brand new and protected. There are various types of protection available, from the obvious UV protection right down to dust (called anti-static properties) and even water. While a sun-damaged dashboard isn’t the end of the world, it can be easily prevented which will help retain extra value come sale time. These dressings will leave a matte or satin finish on the plastic too, helping restore the surface to a factory finish and give a nice visual boost to your interior that can sometimes last months.
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