How To Waxing Car paint Surface?

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Author : Grace Lee
Update time : 2023-02-25 17:09:56

How to waxing your car paint surface ?
1. First clean the car paint surface with SRB car washing shampoo
    (Liquid product :D02 SRB Magic color car wash Shampoo/D03 SRB Colorful car wash Shampoo 
     Tools: Car Wash Sponge & Car Wash Gloves       
     Water:Atmospheric water/High pressure water)

2. Second spray SRB Iron Powder Remover to  Remove brake iron powder, paint iron powder, toner, rust and obstinate dirt on the car        paint surface 
3. Third spray SRB Magic mud companion and use clay bar to remove the oxide layer from car paint 
4. Four polish to remove all scratches on the car paint andwipe it clean with towel  (SRB polishing compounds W14 SRB Abrasive agent /W21 SRB Polishing agent /W38 SRB Reducing agent / SJ-35Edgeless Car Wash Drying Towel )
5. Fifth start waxing 
   (Tools: foam applicator/masking tape/ waxing towel /  Environmental requirement:Shade Place / Avoid direct sunlight / Car paint               surface without high temperature)

   1) Use masking Tape zoning about 20*20CM 
   2) Use  foam applicator with small amount wax do Circular on the zoning ,waitig about 2-3 minutes wipe it with waxing towel 
   3) Wax in sections ,then finish the whole car paint surface 
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